Photo Gallery

Frozen radiator broke open

The radiator could not hold up to the drop in temperature.

Look closely at this image. You will notice the cast iron radiator froze and actually broke. You can see this at the top right corner of the radiator. This happened to a home that was being remodeled in the winter. SERVPRO of Canton was called in the help out. The home owners were devastated at the damage that occurred. We were able to get them back on track with their renovations in a few days.

Kitchen remodel

A beautiful kitchen remodeled by SERVPRO of Canton.

SERVPRO of Canton has been doing remodeling and repairs for almost 6 years now. After a water damage has been mitigated and dried out. We have the right crew available to get your home or business back to working order. We pride ourselves in helping our customers resume their normal activities after a water loss. If you end up with a water issue please call us. We can get things done in a timely manner. 1-800-714-5314

Mold build up in the house.

This looks really bad, don't worry we can fix it.

Mold damage to a home can be devastating. This shows how mold can grow in a few months after a small water damage that occurred. The home owner was out of town for a few months and returned to see this. They needed certified technicians to properly remove the mold from the affected areas. SERVPRO of Canton has the certified trained personnel to handle the job, no matter how bad it seems.

Cleaning needed at this location.

Cleaning can be a chore, let us help you.

SERVPRO of Canton has done general cleans for all type of facilities. From single family homes to large commercial buildings. Our staff will do whatever you need to be done regardless of the situation. We specialize in realtor detailing for houses before they go on the market. As well as apartment cleaning after a client has moved out. Sometimes an elderly family member may need a hand with spring cleaning. SERVPRO of Canton is the company to call for this service. Please call us for an estimate 1-800-714-5314.

Flooded basement

Flooding can occur in any season.

Storms can happen in any season and any time. When the rains come, they can overwhelm the sewage and sump pump systems. If this happens to you or someone you know call SERVPRO of Canton. We have been providing commercial and residential customers with outstanding service for 22 years. When it comes to your property go with someone you can trust. SERVPRO of Canton 1-800-714-5314.

Commercial hood maintenance

Commercial hood maintenance is very important.

Commercial hoods should be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. When this is not done, grease fires can start with the right conditions. Not only does the fire cause a tremendous damage to the facility. They can keep a restaurant closed for months. All due to neglect of regular maintenance that could have prevented this tragedy.

Fire department recommendations

Local Fire department recommends SERVPRO of Canton.

Working with the fire departments in our area has been a privilege for us. We have been recommended by many different local fire departments. They recognize our timely  completion of fire damage and repairs to both commercial and residential properties. SERVPRO of Canton works with all Insurance companies to get the job done right. Call us if you need our help 1-800-714-5314.

School office repair

A local school's water damaged office rebuilt by SERVPRO of Canton

A school’s office area had quite a bit of water damage from a frozen pipe. SERVPRO of Canton completed the mitigation in a timely manner. The maintenance department for the school requested we do the repairs for the area. We added a long cabinet to replace the water damaged old cabinet. The entire office staff was extremely pleased with our work and the extra storage area we provided for them.

Trucking company cleaning

Commercial trucking company uses us for truck interior disinfecting

Commercial trucking companies keep our products and services open and running smoothly. SERVPRO of Canton has been selected to keep their divers safe. We clean and disinfect these large truck interiors on a weekly rotation. We are happy to do for a company that keeps our State stocked with products.

Drying equipment

The right equipment makes all the difference.

The key to any water damage is efficient dying. SERVPRO of Canton has the right drying equipment. This includes commercial fans and dehumidifiers to get the areas dried in a timely manner. Allowing you to get back to preloss condition as soon as possible. By the way, using the proper equipment saves time and money for you and your insurance provider. If you have any questions on the restoration process please call us, we would be glad to help.  1-800-714-5314

Office meeting room

SERVPRO of Canton is ready to sanitize your office.

Let SERVPRO of Canton keep your office and meeting areas safe from COVID-19. We can clean and sanitize high touch point areas or do a complete office clean and sanitize.  Whatever you need SERVPRO can provide a safe environment for your employees. Call for a free estimate 1-800-714-5314.

Certified cleaned

SERVPRO of Canton's certified clean

With the COVID-19 pandemic going on. Why not be safe and have SERVPRO of Canton come out. We would be happy to do a comprehensive clean and sanitation for your building? Let us keep your employees safe and ready to get back to business.  For a free estimate on a certified clean call us. 1-800-714-5314

Commercial Water mains

Water shut off valves in a commercial building.

Imagine one of these water pipes having a problem. That’s why we have an Emergency Ready Profile available for commercial building owners. Have one of our ERP specialists come out to your building today. We will do a building profile for you at no charge. Then deliver a comprehensive plan on what to do in case of a disaster. Call our ERP specialist for your walk through today.  1-800-714-531

Desiccant dehumidifier

Large trailer mounted desiccant dehumidifier

This building had a lot of water damage to all levels. The cause was a creek that had overflowed. We had to bring in our trailer mounted desiccant dehumidifying system to address the humidity. This is just one of the specialty equipment pieces SERVPRO of Canton has available to us. 

SERVPRO of Canton van

Another satisfied customer for SERVPRO of Canton

Another satisfied commercial customer serviced by SERVPRO of Canton. This particular building had a power outage that caused the sump pump to malfunction. We were on the scene immediately and had things under control within a couple of days.  

Water tank maintenance

Hot water tanks can be a problem.

Water Tip: Make sure your water tank is inspected on a yearly basis. When water tanks malfunction, they can cause a tremendous amount of water damage. Read your water tank owner’s manual and follow all maintenance recommendations for the appliance. Most of the local plumbing companies in your area can help you out with this service if needed.

Cleaned Hallway

A hallway cleaned and ready for your employees.

This image is after the hallway and office were cleaned and properly dried. Can you image that just two days prior the area was covered with water and sewage. SERVPRO of Washteaw County cleaned and sanitized the area and the owners couldn’t be happier with the results. If your property has an issue with water or fire damage, call SERVPRO of Washtenaw County at 1-800-714-5341.

Industrial Equipment used

SERVPRO of Canton's equipment

As often happens after heavy rains, sump pumps get overwhelmed and drains get backed up. When this happens to you, it’s time to call SERVPRO of Canton to help with the clean-up and dry out. The equipment SERVPRO of Canton uses are the industrial size - something you just can’t get at the local store - saving you time and money in the long run. If you have a problem that requires SERVPRO of Canton's attention please call us at 1-800-714-5341.

Disaster team

Disaster team on the scene.

When catastrophes happen sometimes the local SERVPRO franchises can get overwhelmed. Did you know that SERVPRO of Canton has the ability to call in our Disaster Recovery Team? When the Disaster Recovery Team arrives, they bring with them all the extra personnel and equipment you will ever need.  The ability to call in the Disaster Recover Team is available to the local franchise 24/7 365. When a catastrophe happens do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of Canton at 1-800-714-5341

Canton truck ready for action.

SERVPRO of Canton working a water loss.

SERVPRO of Canton was called out to a large commercial building and upon arrival found that the building was flooded due to an overflowing creek. SERVPRO of Canton accessed the damage and determined that additional help would be needed. Help was called and we began the mitigation process, with the additional help mitigation was completed in no time. The clients were extremely pleased with SERVPRO of Canton’s ability to call in additional resources that quickly. The clients were able to open for business sooner than they ever thought possible. If you find yourself in this situation, call SERVPRO of Canton at 1-800-714-5341.

Air scrubbers

Air scrubbers used in fire damage mitigation.

This photo is of the commercial air scrubbers that SERVPRO of Canton uses during a fire restoration claim. The air scrubbers clean the smoke, odor and soot out of the air. We also uses this type of equipment while performing mold remediation and bio-hazard clean-ups. SERVPRO of Canton has all the equipment and resources to get your property back in business in no time!  Call SERVPRO of Canton to get a quote 1-800-714-5314. 

Lithium battery fire.

Lithium fire damage to a building.

After a Lithium battery fire at a commercial building, the soot so was thick that every square inch had to be hand wiped down. If an emergency like this happens to your home or office, you will need a company like SERVPRO of Canton to professionally clean your structure and content. SERVPRO of Canton has been performing fire restoration for over 22 years and they have the right equipment and trained personnel to do the job properly.    

Commercial Kitchen

Commercial kitchen fire clean up.

This image is of a commercial kitchen after SERVPRO of Canton's mitigated the fire damage. The source of the fire was a plastic bowl on the range that caught fire. The local Fire department was called to the scene and used a fire extinguisher to put out the fire. The fire was out, but there was extinguisher dust on every square inch of the kitchen. Due to the extent of the damage and the extinguisher dust, we had to disassemble and clean every piece of equipment and the every surface in the kitchen. SERVPRO of Canton worked quickly and our customer was back in business in a week! Should you find you need this type of help – call SERVPRO of Canton at 800-714-5341.

SERVPRO of Canton on the scene

SERVPRO of Canton is here to get things right.

Image this scenario – SERVPRO of Canton has just arrived at a commercial facility – the building’s lower level is completely underwater from an overflowing creek nearby on the property. SERVPRO’S Hero’s to the rescue! – SERVPRO was able to help all the suites by mitigating the water damage and drying all the contents as quickly as possible. The clients could not have been happier when they were able to reopen 4 days later! If you find yourself in a similar situation don’t hesitate to call the hero’s at SERVPRO of Canton.    1-800-714-5341

Water shut off valve

Tagging your main water shut off valve is a good idea.

Is your commercial property prepared for a disaster? SERVPRO of Canton has been preparing ERPs (Emergency ready Profiles) for over the past 7 years. We will walk through your facility, at no charge to you, and prepare a comprehensive plan created for your specific needs. This ERP will be your greatest resource in the case of an emergency. Call our ERP specialist today to schedule an appointment.


Commercial truck cleaning.

Commercial truck cleaning and disinfecting.

If your trucking company does long hall or local deliveries, SERVPRO of Canton can help. We have been disinfecting truck cabs for the last 90 plus days and continue to do it on a regular basis. The drivers come back to their trucks with peace of mind that their area is virus free.  Let us give a free quote.   1-800-714-5341

Rebuild picture

Rebuild project at a local school

When you have a water damage at your facility, it’s nice to know that SERVPRO of Canton can do a full rebuild to the damaged areas. Whether the damage is large or small, commercial or residential, our rebuild crews have done it all. We pride ourselves in doing the repairs right the first time. Please feel free to call us with any questions you might have on a rebuild.  1-800-714-5341

Cleaning for the Dexter Fire Department

Crews hard at work disinfecting fire trucks.

SERVPRO of Canton has been providing cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting services due to the COVID-19 virus according to the CDC guidelines. SERVPRO of Canton technicians have been cleaning a variety of surfaces with special attention to frequently touched surfaces. This process includes fogging, spraying and/or wiping of those surfaces. SERVPRO of Canton has performed these services in offices, common areas, manufacturing areas, warehouses, homes and commercial vehicles. SERVPRO of Canton has been performing this service while taking all the appropriate precautionary steps to keep our technicians and customers safe.

Give us a call at 800-714-5341 – we would be happy to provide you with a free estimate. 

Water damage Canton Michigan

Water damage can occur anytime spring, summer, winter and fall. This shows the damage that can happen when a ceiling is saturated with water. Canton Michigan water damage in lower level of the home. Ceilings can get very heavy due to saturation from water. SERVPRO of Canton and SERVPRO of Washtenaw county has the expert technicians to handle this type of loss.

Fire Plymouth Michigan

Fire damage can happen to any home and at any time. This shows the damage that can occur with a kitchen fire. Smoke and soot from the fire can get into all areas of the home even in the closets that may have been closed. You need a company like SERVPRO of Canton and SERVPRO of Washtenaw County to do the clean up properly. From tear out to clean and finally reconstruction, we have the certified technicians to do the job right.

Sewage back up commercial building Plymouth Michigan

A sewage back up in the home or business can ruin anybody’s day. Sewage backups can occur for many different reasons. Whether its storm water or blocked plumbing pipes SERVPRO of Canton and SERVPRO of Washtenaw County has the certified trained technicians to do the job right.

Millionaire's Club Award

SERVPRO of Canton and SERVPRO of Washtenaw County received the Millionaire's Club 9 years in a row. In 2010 SERVPRO of Washtenaw County was the franchise of the year for SERVPRO Industies.